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WYRON truecycled® is an innovative yarn solution enabling the use of blended fibers, addressing the challenge of recycling mixed materials. Currently, much post-consumer textile waste is discarded due to the complexity of sorting and recycling. With WYRON truecycled®, these blended fibers can be proceeded into valuable resources, offering a sustainable approach to textile waste management.


WYRON truecycled® is composed entirely of a blend of recycled fibers, available in different qualities, making it a sustainable choice for your fabric production. We sort the old clothes according to colours which determine the colour of the yarn. We do not use any additional dyes.

WYRON truecycled® 50 RED

WYRON truecycled® 50 RED offers a high content of post-consumer textiles and is usable for a diverse range of production techniques. Our WYRON truecycled® 50 RED contains 50% mechanical recycled mixed fiber content (post-consumer textiles) and 50% recycled PET (Polyester)

WYRON truecycled® 25 RED

WYRON truecycled® 25 RED serves as a viable alternative to virgin materials. The yarn features a red-greyish melange, derived from a blend of post-consumer fibers used in its production. The yarn contains 25% mechanical recycled mixed fiber content (post-consumer textiles) and 75% recycled PET (Polyester)

WYRON truecycled® 25 BLUE

WYRON truecycled® 25 BLUE has a unique blue-greyish melange color, which is derived from a blend of post-consumer fibers primarily sourced from workwear garments that have been carefully chosen for this product. The yarn contains 25% mechanical recycled mixed fiber content (post-consumer textiles) and 75% recycled PET (Polyester)

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Is WYRON ready to use?

Yes, the WYRON truecycled® yarn is ready to use and can be ordered from us directly. Additionally, several suppliers are already utilizing this product in their manufacturing processes. Its availability and adoption by various partners highlight the effectiveness and appeal of our sustainable "From Waste to Value“ approach.
If you are interested in the WYRON truecycled® yarn or have any inquiries, please feel free to get in touch with us. We would be delighted to explore how we can assist you further. Additionally, if you’d like to conduct experiments or trials with the product, you can order sample quantities from us for testing purposes. We look forward to hearing from you and collaborating on sustainable solutions with our innovative yarn.

Is WYRON yarn recyclable?

The material can be theoretically reintroduced into the conventional recovery process for recycling, but achieving 100% recycling may not be possible due to the gradual shortening of fibers. Reprocessing is feasible, contingent upon the end product, with some material scrap expected to remain.

Do you ship internationally?

Our company is based in Germany and yes, we do ship our products to other countries. If you are interested in placing an order or have any questions regarding international shipping, it is best to get in contact with us directly. We can provide you with more information on shipping options, delivery times, and any other specific requirements you may have. Feel free to reach out to us, and we will be happy to assist you with your order and shipping inquiries.

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