Meet the Team

What we want to achieve

Reducing waste
Our entire value chain reflects the approach of reducing waste. We aim not only to reduce the circulating waste, but also to create minimal waste and environmental impact during production.

Increasing the value of old textiles as a raw material 
Old textiles are the ressource of the future. Through our partnerships with recycling experts, we efficiently process textile waste and achieve economic benefits in addition to ecological ones.

Technological leadership in recycled yarns 
We are actively involved in research projects to continue discovering innovative solutions. Our goal is to become a technological leader in the field of recycled yarns.
WYRON truecycled® Vision

We are visionary

WYRON truecycled® aims to create a more sustainable future for the textile industry.

With our solutions we want to enable responsible individuals to save raw materials while designing high-quality products that meet industrial standards. We are working on becoming the first choice ahead of non-sustainable products in various branches, including automotive, home interior and fashion.

Our collective values

Change - We embrace the challenge of transforming the textile industry for the better, driven to make a meaningful impact. 

Performance - We prove that sustainability and high quality standards can coexist, without compromising on performance.

Aesthetics - By blending performance and visual appeal, we  pioneer a new sustainable aesthetic paradigm.


Partner with us!

For tailor-made solutions or collaborations, please contact us at contact@wyron.de