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What happend so far



The recycling yarn is the result of the INTERREG funded project "Recycling the future automotive interior", which ran from 2018 to 2021. The yarn now serves as a substitute for surfaces made from virgin materials. Sample fabrics have passed tests and met standards for the automotive industry, where high demands are made on the durability and comfort of textiles. The project consortium consisted of the partners imat-uve, C2C ExpoLab, FBBasic, Stichting Texperium and Trützschler. The project was supported by the European Union within the framework of the INTERREG programme Germany-Netherlands and co-financed by the North Rhine-Westphalian Ministry of Economic Affairs (MWIDE NRW), the Dutch Ministerie van Economische Zaken en Klimaat (EZK) and the provinces of Limburg and Overijssel.

Dutch Design Week


Specific application examples for the newly manufactured yarn were developed in cooperation with the Dutch design lab Envisions. Envisions is characterised by an unique practical approach that places particular emphasis on colour, material and feel. This collaboration is characterized by a familiar atmosphere that takes the culture shaped by the automotive industry to a new level. The deliberate visual connection to automobiles was chosen to underline the quality and performance of WYRON trueceycled® which can withstand the high standards of the automotive sector. At the same time, this parallel conveys confidence in its versatility. The integration of Envisions not only enables an aesthetic design, but also opens up innovative and functional utilisation possibilities for the yarn in various products.

First ready to use industrial process to create a yarn


Our goal is to pioneer an innovative industrial solution for recycling used clothing. Thanks to our partners, with whom we work very closely, we have jointly developed a local, mechanical recycling process.



It's true! The WYRON truecycled® technology is supported by the state-of-the-art recycling equipment from Trützschler, which enables manufacturers to obtain a high quality end product from hard waste. The reproducible TRUECYCLED® manufacturing process is based on Trützschler's technological recommendations and a Trützschler machinery line-up that ensures ideal results.

Tradefair SaloneSatellite


Step into the future of textile design with our groundbreaking launches at SaloneSatellite in Milan! Crafted in collaboration with Envisions, the Rē Collection represents a remarkable leap forward in sustainable textiles. Utilizing cutting-edge digital design methods, we've optimized our yarn to create a collection that seamlessly blends innovation with elegance. Our firstly launched product WYRON 50 embodies our commitment to sustainability without sacrificing performance. WYRON 50 stands for sustainability without compromise: quality and environmental responsibility.

First serial production


After an extensive project phase, we were pleased to announce the successful establishment of our first reproducible serial production in 2023. It is not only possible for us to produce according to our "recipe". We are also happy to realise new projects together with YOU!

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